Arabic Thoughts
Could you please translate this for me: Dreams are memories - Memories of another life. شكران و احب بلوجك! (I hope this is how you write blog in Arabic, but anyways: I really admire your blog a lot!)

haha that is actually nice! but blog is مدونة in Arabic. 


الاحلام ماهي الا ذكريات، ذكريات حياةٌ أخرى.

Can you please write my name "İskender" in arabic? Thank you 💖


Can you translate: No matter the distance between you and I, I will always love you Nasser

مهما كانت المسافة بيننا، سأظل أحبك يا ناصر.

Hey! Can you please write my name "Samya Adnan"? :) xx

سامية عدنان. 

Can you translate my name "richella' xo


Where do you live? c:

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

heyy!! love your page<3 could you please tell me how you write 'maktub' in arabic please




I have an idea.. if you have something you wanted to be translated into Arabic -small sentences only- you can talk to me on Kik! 

this is my kik: Lma_s

and I will be answering your question as soon as possible. 

As a translator, I wonder if you've come across any Arabic quotes about translation?

yeah a lot. I’m actually majoring in Languages and Translation so I come across a lot of quotes. :)

How would you translate the name "Ismael" into arabic writing? Please and Thank you honey


Can you translate "be the type of person that you want to meet" please and thank you(:

"كن الشخص الذي تود أن تقابله"

Can You write my name in arabic my name is daniek but you say da-niek ❤


Can you translate this for me, please?: "If you have the ability to love, love yourself first." THANKSSSS!

"إذا كانت لديك القدرة لتُحب، حب نفسك أولًا."

hey :) doesnt it annoy you when you're constantly asked to translate something?

No, I’m actually happy to be able to spread the Arabic language. and plus, I love translation and I’ve been always interested in both languages. 

you are amazing for making such blog and spreading the arabic language like that.

thank you sweetheart, I appreciate your words.